Glassparency Bug Xtract 16oz

Glassparency Bug Xtract 16oz


Glassparency Bug Xtract 16oz

The thicker viscosity is specially formulated to cling to and break down organic matter so that it effortlessly wipes away.


Before getting started, ensure the vehicle surface is cool to the touch. 

Apply by spraying directly onto the affected area and let stand for 30 seconds to allow Bug Xtract to break down the organic enzymes. Rinse with pressurized water and repeat as needed. For stubborn bug splatter, bird droppings, or tree sap lightly agitate with a non-abrasive towel.

Dilutable with water up to a 3:1 ratio to extend the life of the product.


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Glassparency Bug Xtract. Mackies car DetailingGlassparency Bug Xtract 16oz