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Mackies Detailing - Vehicle Hand Washing Blue BMW

Vehicle Hand Washing & Detailing

Mackies Detailing provides a complete range of services from your basic exterior wash to a more extensive decon wash, clay bar, wax, polish & ceramic boost spray. We will work your needs & budget to find a package that best suits you.

Mackies Detailing - Paint Correction Red Car

Paint Correction

Whether your vehicle is brand new or a decade old. A paint correction is crucial to bringing your paint to its full potential. Orange peel, factory defects, wear and tear or incorrect washing techniques can all prevent your vehicle from reaching its full potential. Our approach and goal is to remove all these imperfections in make your vehicle look and feel better than brand new. Our trained staff utilize specialty lighting and skill to make this all happen!

Mackies Detailing - Ceramic Coating Blue Car

Ceramic Coating

After a proper paint correction we highly recommend the installation of our Glassparency Ceramic Coating. A ceramic coating is a top coat layer that is applied on top of your paints clear coat to help protect it from the elements. We recommend our Glassparency coatings on the entire vehicle, windows, wheels, calipers and even apply our interior coating to form a hydrophobic layer on all your leather and fabrics.

Mackies Detailing - Window Tinting Black Car

Window Tinting

Window film is a great way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, protect your interior upholstery, reject solar heat and also provide different levels of privacy. It’s also a great added esthetic to give your vehicle the aggressive and clean look you may be looking for.

Mackies Detailing - Paintless Dent Removal Red Car

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal or “PDR” is a process that restores your vehicle’s body back to factory condition without the need of costly body work.

Mackies Detailing - Paint Protection Film Black Car

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film or “PPF” is a clear film that is applied to the exterior of the vehicle to prevent damage from road debris, rock chips, and anything else your vehicle may face on a daily basis. We are a Certified installer of STEK films. With over 10 years experience our PPF installer will protect every surface of your investment with a seamless install.

Premium Auto Detailing

Mobile Deailing

Starting back in 2015 Mackies Detailing is one of Long Island’s first Mobile Detailing services. From 1 vehicle we have now grown to a fleet of vehicles that services most of Long Island. Treat your investment right by having it maintained by a Detailer rather than a car wash where more damage is done then good.

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